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Three Poems by Carmen Alea Paz

Jueves, diciembre 15, 2011


Por Carmen Alea Paz…


HispanicLA 1


Why write in English? Sometimes I may get caught up in the drama of my own or in someone else’s experiences, and feelings of poetry flow imperiously, either in English or Spanish.

I have lived almost fifty years in the States, always working in an Anglo environment. Consequently, I am used to think and feel in both languages, which pleases me because as a teacher, I can assist my students in their dealing with the grammar differences.

Love does not know barriers, and its dreams and whims can be expressed in any language. As a matter of fact, the poems I recently submitted to HispanicLA were written originally in English.

Carmen Alea Paz


It is and it is not a delirium

this journey without end.

Tremulous heart not begging

but reclaiming,

mind eager to unveil the Infinite.

In agony,

some times the exhausted wings

yield to the efforts.

The summit is far away,

almost unreachable,

but there is light at the peak,

the climb continues…

Within, the voice,

the thirsty soul

compells me to the heights,

the ultimate dimension.


The Stillness of the Hour


It is Autumn.

The storm has disarranged the vines

and a magical fragrance

has invaded my room

hurting the stillness of the hour.

Why now, that seeding time has passed,

there is an insinuating wing

haunting the garden,

old roots wanting to bloom again,

and a glimpse of sunshine

warming up windows?

Oh, who could understand

The secrets of the heart;

The soul mysterious way,

And the sorrows of life…

No, I won’t bring back yesterday…

I won’t walk fumbling along,

crushing dead leaves,

Trying to find a nonexistent door.

Feb. 18, 2008




You entered the universe of my emotions

With the luminous force of a great star.

I attributed to you

the grace in my life,

all the beauty I had.

Day after day I surrendered my soul,

an incorporeal offering to you,

king of my dreams,

until darkness covered my sky

with the mysterious somber in your eyes.



Carmen Alea Paz (La Habana, Cuba). Narradora y poetisa, traductora, conferencista y profesora de idiomas. Cuenta con una maestría en lengua y literatura española e hispanoamericana. Ha sido profesora de español y literatura de la Universidad de Northridge. Ha recibido premios y menciones tanto en Cuba como en Estados Unidos. Cuentos, artículos y ensayos suyos aparecían con frecuencia en importantes revistas y diarios cubanos de la década de 1950, tales como Lux, Carteles, Vanidades, Colorama, Patria, Bazar, así como en los periódicos Avance, El País, El Mundo y Diario de la Marina. Su sección “Disquisiciones femeninas”, que publicaba el semanario dominical El País Gráfico tuvo una gran aceptación de lectores en aquellos tiempos. Asimismo fue colaboradora oficial de la popular revista habanera Romances. Ha publicado varios libros, entre ellos, El caracol y el tiempo (Poesía, 1992); El veranito de María Isabel y cuentos para insomnes rebeldes (Novela y cuento, Miami, Editorial Ponce de León, 1996); Labios sellados (Novela, Premio Internacional “Alberto Gutiérrez de la Solana”, del Círculo de Cultura Panamericano 1999, 2001); Casino azul (Novela, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, 2004). Reside en la ciudad de Northridge, California.


All rights reserved by Carmen Alea Paz


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